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    Hi Coaches,

    Are you planning on having the Zoom calls at the same times (11am Pacific time) in FUA5? I didn’t realize before signing up for FUA4 that they were at that time and was hit or miss on attending due to pre-existing work conflicts – giving folks a heads-up that they should block out that time as early as possible would be good for us working professionals.

    It’s SO much more engaging if I can attend in real time versus recordings. The recorded Zoom calls don’t seem contain any of the chat history, for example.

    I do recognize that you are trying to balance for a global audience and thank you for all that you do to keep us healthy and active!

    Thank you,
    Melissa in Seattle

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    Anonymous on #64913

    Hi Melissa!
    Yes the Zoom calls for FUA 5 will be 11am PDT. And you are correct it’s a balance for out global audience. Thank you for the input, the registration email you receive as soon as you sign up has the details of the zoom links dates and times, would be beneficial for you (using you as a test case for other working professionals with heavily scheduled calendars) to see that time/date in advertising? We are always striving to improve and appreciate your feedback ( :

    Melanie Hunter on #64971

    Hi Carolyn,

    Oh, that’s a good idea–posting the Zoom call times with the signup. It turned out that this round, the Zoom times just happened to overlap with a standing work meeting for me. Knowing in advance would definitely help me plan, next time I sign up for FUA! 🙂

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