Freeride plan: Change the mobility/strength days if prior Olympic lifting?

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    Ben M

    The freeride plans’s days with weights often leave me feeling somewhat underworked. In past seasons I would do compound barbell lifts, and some Olympic lifting for the eccentric stability of skiing, like the clean and jerk. Deadlifting 400+ lbs, squatting around 300.

    Is there something very specific to the motions other than some intro weight movements that have stability and rotation? I feel like I could move a lot more volume with my past lifting training.

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    Anonymous on #58161


    Keep in mind that 99% of the people who will be using this or any of our plans do not have your strength training background and can’t DL 400lbs. Because we do not know how will be using these plans we have to shoot for a safe middle ground. I often tell folks that these plans should be considered the minimum needed to perform well in your chosen event, not the maximum.

    In your case, by all means add more volume to your program.


    Ben M on #58286

    Oh, zero criticism on how the plans are generally proposed! I wanted to double check and defer to your expertise. Many sport-specific training plans rightly train specific movements! E.g. In the past when I only did the basic compound lifts (all concentric strength), the first weeks of ski season were brutal on the quads (because of the eccentric loading).

    Appreciate the response, and the knowledge bases and everything here. I had searched through my kindle copy of Uphill Athlete and couldn’t find any explicit answer in there, though I possibly could have inferred.

    Thanks again!

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