Freeride Muscular Endurance

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    Starting the ski specific portion of the plan.

    For week two of the ME workouts, the following is listed:

    Does it mean that you do two 4×50 workouts?

    Or is it that workout #1 refers to week one, and workout #2 to week two, and so on?

    Workout #1-
    Do 4 sets of 50 repetitions of the 1/2 squat using 24-30% of your 1 rep max. Time this set. Rest 2x the duration of this 50 rep set between each set.

    Workout #2:
    -4x 50reps. rest for 1.5x work time each set
    Rest 60 sec
    -Box dips
    -Lateral Bar hops
    -Push ups

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    Aaron on #59401

    95% sure that is referring to separate/sequential workouts on different days.

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