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    Due to summer plans in the big hills being cut I’ve logged close to 1000km on local hiking/scrambling/climbing since the start of June. It’s been a blast putting all my training to use spending 6ish hours a day in the small local hills but my feet in response have developed some pretty serious calluses. Generally not an issue but on some days I seem to be getting blisters under them etc and my climbing shoes are becoming increasingly difficult to put on.

    I’ve never shaved down calluses on my heels etc and with the amount of miles I log while running, they certainly come in useful but is it worth getting a pumice stone to shave them down some? (While still putting in the miles)

    I’m not concerned for my feet looking pretty, more in their functionality.

    So I guess my question is: would shaving down the calluses on my feet still allow my feet to be functional while putting in 20+ km/day average?

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #43955

    I’ve used the pumice stone and a cutting tool for calluses on my hands, but never on my feet. I usually try to deal with the friction on the feet with double sock management, and addressing any movement disorders with foot beds, different boots/shoes etc. The pumice stone can be used in a more….gentle way that you could ease in to.

    Anonymous on #43956

    The one time I had calluses removed on my feet I had a long run right after, and my feet felt like hamburger. I decided then and there that my calluses were there for a reason, and I haven’t messed with them since. That said, if it feels like they are interfering with your running, I doubt that doing a little with the pumice stone would be harmful, and as Pete said, it would be a gradual way to see what happens.

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