Flawed conclusions on nitroglycerin and who can benefit

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    If you’re anything like me, you’ve looked into NO (possibly from beetroot, I get it direct from patches) and concluded it’s good for amateur athletes, but has limited utility for trained athletes. A light reading of research indicates this. (I was actually using it to treat connective tissue injuries from climbing, which works rather well.)

    However, I just saw that that conclusion may be flawed and the reasoning aligns perfectly with the philosophy of TFTUA. The studies that concluded negligible benefits for elite athletes were all flawed because they looked at short term changes for something that acts like base training.

    I wanted to understand what stimulates capillary growth since I have been ARCing recently and VEGF is the factor that controls it, which acts synergistically with NO. Moreover, this pathway is antagonistic to the adaptations of high intensity work, and vice versa, which explains why too much high intensity can erode one’s base. Unfortunately, can’t find the exact paper where this was explained.

    My conclusion is that NO use for an extended time in conjunction with base training will result in a larger base. Beetroot juice is not nearly as potent as a patch — sometime you can find patches from online Canadian pharmacies without a prescription. I get the highest dose since that’s cheapest and cut into pieces.

    Has anyone else looked into this? Agree? Disagree?

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    Michael: Don’t you mean Nitric Oxide as opposed to nitroglycerin? I’m no chemist but I thought the metabolically active ingredient in Beet Root was Nitric Oxide.

    As with all supplementation, dietary manipulations or ergogenic aids I recommend you so a study on yourself to see if this effective. I’ve tried it with a number of athletes using acute dosing for races and no athlete who used it could tell a difference. I have never used it in a chronic long term training situation so that might be interesting.


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