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    Hi there,

    I have read both books and a lot of what is available on this awesome website (+ forums!). I have probably come across this here before (and forgot the answer), but can someone explain the crossover between flat running and uphill running/skiing/walking?

    For instance, I want to build/increase my aerobic base for spring/summer volcano skiing, longer trail runs, and alpine rock approaches, all of which involve a lot of vertical. However, the most accessible training for me is generally flat road running. Can I train for my events by doing a lot of flat running and uphill-focused strength training (TfTNA gen. strength, max strength/hill sprints), or do I need to eschew flat running for steeper running/(walking to keep it under AeT) in addition to the strength training?

    My understanding is that uphill travel requires stronger muscles in order to stay aerobic- but can that come from not doing aerobic travel uphill and instead flat aerobic + strength?

    I hope that makes sense, and I understand correctly. Happy to shore up my knowledge and correct any misunderstandings!


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    jakedev on #77162

    So yes flat road running will help your uphill travel in the long run to a point. Particularly with building some aerobic base. I live in a mountain town and still do alot of road running while the snow melts in the hills (still snowing actually). Supplement with 1-2 leg strength session (Chamonix Fit is the shit). After you build her base well you can have a period of 4 weeks of some ME work or Z3 (inline treadmill, stairs with a pack, etc.).


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