First time AET Test for Intro Mountain Running Plan

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    Bottom Line is I followed the AET HR Drift test two days in a row but trouble figuring out results. First test, after good warm up I started the 1 hour test at 142 HR and had a drift of 3 beats between the first half and 2 half averages. Second day, pushed up starting HR to 147 and drift was 2 beats between the first and second half averages.

    I was comfortable for both tests, but it’s much faster and higher HR than my usual running. I have been following Maffeton and doing my runs at 135 for the past 2 years. I run about 3-4 days per week and can push up to 15 miles at 135.

    Should I try pushing to test my AET at an even higher level?

    The 147 starting HR ended up at about 153 final heart rate. Training at 150 seems like it would be much harder than what I have been doing under Maffetone with my runs at 135.

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    brianlcox on #76236

    It sounds to me that you haven’t reached your AeT yet. If you’ve been running consistently at 130 for two years you have probably got a decent base and don’t have ADS. This means that zone 2, especially the top of z2 will be too hard to use every day. Use the test to determine your AeT, but then stay in z1 for most of your mileage, which will be similar to your maffetone pace. Also determine your LT so you know your z3 as well, which your probably ready to use once oer week if you don’t have ads.

    edgold on #76254

    Thanks Brian. You confirmed what I was thinking. It’s nice to have another perspective. It can be difficult trying to sort these out on your own. I did a one hour run the other day at the higher heart rate and faster pace. It felt good, but definitely more intense than what I’ve been doing and not something I would want to do for 3 hours. I’ll keep trying to zero in on my AET and will incorporate one run a week at the top of my AET and then see if I can zero in on my LT. I’ve been running slow and easy for so long, I think I need a bit of time before I’ll be ready to run hard. Thank you again.

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