February 22nd Nikki LaRochelle (TIME CHANGE)

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    Nikki LaRochelle will be joining us Tuesday, February 22nd at 10:30am Pacific (30 MINUTES EARLIER THAN NORMAL) to answer questions and talk about her life as a Skimo Athlet along with balancing motherhood and training. Nikki is a UA coach and is an incredibly fun and wise lady. I am very excited that she will be joining us! Please feel free to put questions below if you cannot make the chat.

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    Nicole Labrecque on #63545

    Hi! Thanks Coach Maya for posting the call for questions!
    I listened to Nikki’s podcast on Uphill Athlete and it was very inspiring as a new mom. She mentioned that she has been racing recently. I was wondering how she made the transition from easy/early postpartum and pelvic health exercises into more serious training. I’m 4 months postpartum and never sure when it’s too hard or too easy.

    Thank you!

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