Fat/carb confusion

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    Hope you guys and gals can help with some confusion! Everywhere I look for tips on nutritiin while on the mountain say…fat fat fat..buttet..etc. Research articles I am finding on the subject say at altitude carbs are better…digest easier..help with acclimatizing…etc. Soooooo…which is it!? ? thoughts?

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    Shashi on #53674

    Welcome to the Uphill Athlete forum.

    I would recommend reading this article and others in the series to start with. Then you can read this article specific to nutrition on high-altitude expedition.

    Let us know if you still have any questions.

    Anonymous on #55303

    In addition to Shashi’s links, there’s an old adage: “train on fat, race on carbs.” The “race” part can apply to any goal event. It doesn’t mean only it carbs, but just fuel for the work required.

    gerardo.bonaccio350 on #55858

    Probably both are important, carbs are useful for first part of sports and aerobics(short races and stuff of short duration), while fats starts to getting used after consuming glicogen supplies, and therefore for resistance performances

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