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    This past weekend I did my first fasted workout, a 25min run, and my HR seemed to high considering other metrics. My AeT is 150bpm (tested once on a treadmill at 150 and once road running at 151, about a week apart). On my fasted run my HR was reading 160-170 even though I was nose breathing most of the run and I slowed my pace to what is normally a recovery pace.

    Is a higher HR normal for fasted workouts, meaning I need to slow down to walking pace? Or could this be a HR monitor issue (mine is known to have occasional problems)? Regardless, which is more important to consider: HR or nose breathing?


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    Anonymous on #4625


    HR monitors can give some whacky readings from time to time. Wash your strap with soap and water and see if that helps.

    If the HR was correct and you we seeing 170 at what seemed like the same effort and pace as when it was 150 then that is a new one for me. I’ve never seen HR elevated in those circumstances.

    I’d recommend getting some more data points to see if this issue persists.


    PaulB on #4675

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the quick reply. On Monday I ran on a treadmill a the gym and had the same thing happen with my HR monitor so I additionally used a HR monitor that the gym has and found out that mine was not giving accurate readings. I’ll try washing it and if that doesn’t help get a new strap.


    Dylbilly on #4705

    In addition to your monitor being wonky, being dehydrated can also cause a rise in your HR as the heart tries to compensate for lower blood volume.

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