Fasted Training – To protein or not to protein

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    Harry Engels

    Hi there,

    I’m thoroughly enjoying Rebecca’s series on Nutrition & Fat Adaptation, really interesting and useful stuff.

    What are your thoughts on protein intake before and/or during a long, fasted workout (a 3-hour Z1-2 ride, for example)? Is this advisable or beneficial? Does training too long in a fasted state break down muscle? Would protein intake before/during speed up recovery?

    I’d be interested to hear any thoughts on the above!

    Cheers, Harry.

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    Anonymous on #13172


    Muscle catabolism requires a deep and prolonged caloric deficient, near starvation in fact. This is fear that seems to have been hyped by body building magazines and protein supplement companies. Normal fasted training will not result in muscle catabolism. You have adequate fat reserves to handle a 3 hour easy ride. Consuming any calories before exercise means that session will not be done in a fasted state. Excessive protein above what is needed for health results in a process in the liver called gluconeogenesis where that protein is concerted to glucose. So excess protein consumption is like eating more carbs. Long duration low intensity bike rides should up your protein requirements and I doubt you’d see any recovery benefits from that.

    There is a good bit of controversy over the amount of protein needed for health by athletes. Some research on Google will give you that range.


    Harry Engels on #13173

    Thanks for your reply Scott, I really appreciate you clearing that up.


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