Fasted drift test & aerobic workouts?

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    Lizbeth Quesnel

    Should the drift test be done fasted? And aerobic workouts as well?

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    Anonymous on #65224

    Hi Lizbeth,
    If you’ve read either of the UA books then you are familiar with the concept of fasted training, and if you are already comfortable with it and adapted to it then yes you can do the test fasted. At this point in the program however the test and training does not need to be done fasted. In our Zoom chats we will discuss fasted training, the how and why of it, when to do it and how to introduce it for athletes who are not yet accustomed to fasted training or who have ADS.
    I hope this helps ( :

    Lizbeth Quesnel on #65240

    Yes, thank you!

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