Extra weight effect on running TSS

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    We have a new office and thus I’ve been running there couple of time now (great for a time crunched athlete). However, I need to carry my stuff in a backpack which weights ca. 6 kilos and I noticed that my speed on AeT is a bit slower.

    I usually use rTSS on my flat running (slightly rolling too) but apparently it does not work here and only way seems to be hrTSS. Should I correct hrTSS because of the weight (and how) or just use it as it is as HR on any given pace is higher?

    Also pondering if power meter could be useful in this case ?

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    Anonymous on #48230

    IMO, running power meters aren’t very useful because they’re an indirect measurement and pace is a better standard anyway.

    If HR is higher when running with weight, then the additional hrTSS is probably close enough.

    Also, it makes sense that your pace would be slower and/or HR would be higher. 6kg is a lot to run with. As a comparison, a high-end skimo kit (including boots, skis, clothing, helmet, and pack) would be less than six kilos. It doesn’t take much extra weight to have an effect.

    Anonymous on #48287

    I’d be very cautious running with weight, especially on pavement. Injury risk goes up dramatically with added weight. That is why heavy people get running injuries much more easily than lighter ones (all other things equal). The power meter works when running flat ground. Our experience with them for trail runners is that they are not accurate enough to bother with. Like Scott, I’d recommend using pace so rTSS if running on flat ground.


    frnkr on #48295

    Thanks for both!

    I do own Stryd but I use it as a pace meter. Especially when running in tight forest GPS-based pace is off. Stryd does have the power feature and it takes wind into account too so I’m curious to see if it works on flat gently rolling runs. Never used the power feature for real. And yes, on uphills its (power feature) is pretty useless as the number is way off. That I noticed in the very beginning.

    Scott, the injury is a good point! Luckily it’s not that much of running on a pavement as the my route goes via forest. We have a big park going thru Helsinki 🙂

    Anonymous on #48322

    I mention injury because we train a lot of special forces guys and they HAVE to run with heavy packs in training for their selection. Many end up injured.

    So, be cautious.

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