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    I had a bust of a season this year, with illnesses and surgeries, but I’m healthy now, and super motivated to get back into training. I’m working with the 24-week plan, and would like to use the initial transition portion of it to gradually build up my training volume, as you guys describe in the books.

    But, if I start it this early, I’ll peak and taper way before the climbing season next summer. I know you recommend repeating weeks 12-16 to extend the 24 week plan, but can this be done multiple times? My goal really is to increase my base period work volume over the winter. Could that be done with just repeating weeks 12-16 multiple times, including the prescribed max strength workouts during that time, or is there a smarter way to work through the transition period initially, then do other base work before kicking into the actual plan 24 weeks out from my objective?

    Thanks for your help! Your resources really are amazing for amateurs like me that want to up our game!


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    With your illness and surgeries I recommend extending the transition period (first 8 weeks). Maybe to 12 weeks. Then extend the base period (normally weeks 8-16).

    It’s your basic work capacity (strength and aerobic that has taken the big hit. They need a longer more gradual build up.

    Good luck.


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