Extending Big Vert Plan for 3 Weeks in late stage

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    Hey everyone,
    i am now in week 17 of the big vert plan. I adjusted it to my needs and time and its going well so far. Now the race i was training for got canceled (64k with 3000m+) but i found an other race 3 weeks later (69k with 4000m). I am note sure how to extend the training plan. Obviously i moved the taper and race week before the new race.
    Since i got no access to hill where i live i did all the ME Gym Style. On long runs i feel that as long as i fuel and hydrate well the first limiting factor is that my legs and core get tired. So i think i should keep on focusing on strength keeping in mind that the new race has significant more Vert.

    I would like to hear your opinions on this.

    Greetings from Germany.

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    I would repeat the past three weeks as the extension. Then the final weeks will be as planned relative to the event. Focusing on the strength work that you’ve described is a good idea.

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