Extending 24 week plan by 4 weeks

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    Hello. I was using the 24 week plan. I started week 21 (“conversion to specificity wk 5) and my climb got postponed by 4 weeks (though whether it will happen even then is not certain!). I’m wondering what’s the best way of making use of the additional weeks. I could keep the training for weeks 23 and 24 just before the climb (these are tapering periods anyway), and duplicate weeks 21 and 22 twice. I.e. for the next ~7 weeks my schedule could be
    weeks 21,22,21,22,22,23,24
    What do you advise?

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    Anonymous on #42384

    Sounds like a good plan to me. The one thing to keep in mind is the volume of higher intensity work. You don’t want to wear yourself down and then be too tired for your trip.

    Keep an eye on recovery and don’t be afraid to add in an extra rest day if you need it. Don’t follow the plan; have the plan follow you.

    NandaDevi on #42388

    Thanks, Scott. Yes, I will moderate the workouts as necessary. I was planning on dropping the Wednesday and Sunday workouts in week 23 too as recommended since the climb is in week 25.

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