Extending 24 Week Expedition Plan

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    I’m currently using the 24 week expedition program to train for Denali in early May. At Scott’s advice I started early and will have an extra 12 weeks before my climb. I’m wondering how best to structure this I had originally planned on having 16 weeks extra where I would cycle the base period with some added volume for 8 weeks and then the sport specific period for 8 more weeks, but I wasn’t able to start in time for a full 16 weeks. I’d like to know what the best way to structure the final 12 weeks would be. I was thinking of doing 4 weeks of additional base and then 8 of sport specific but I noticed in TFNA that the ME work may decrease your fitness if you are doing it for too long of a period. Thoughts?

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    The good news is that the more training you do the fitter you will be for heading to Denali.
    With 12 weeks you should do the first 8 weeks of the base period with their Max Strength workouts. Then do 6 weeks where you are doing one ME and one Max strength/week. Then go back to 6 weeks of Max strength. This will really set you up for the final ME phase.

    As long as you keep the aerobic base training volume up doing this much ME will not result in a drop in the aerobic capacity. Its really when the z1-2 hours begin to drop in relation to the ME that you may run into issues.


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    Thanks for the direction Scott, I have a few additional questions:

    1. Would it be beneficial to add additional volume in the second rounds of the base and ME phases? I feel like I can easily handle more volume in the uphill hikes, water carries and extended hikes.

    2. I’m currently in week 3 of the ME phase and I’m finding the prescribed pack weights of 10% and 20% BW light especially in comparison to what I’ll be carrying on Denali is there any issue with adding additional weight to build up to a load similar to what I’ll have on the expedition?

    3. The Mini Max workouts say to do half as many rounds as a max strength workout, but those workouts progress with additional rounds as the phase builds, should this translate to the mini max? Currently I’ve been doing 3 rounds.

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    1) Yes, you can and should add volume as to the additional weeks. Volume is a good measure of load in base aerobic training so doing more will be better.

    2) Yes, you may very well need to use more weight in these ME workouts. Read our article in ME and watch the video on this site that will help explain HOW to do these workouts to the best effect.

    3) The Mini Max workout is just for strength maintenance during the ME phase. Do what feels right without making you tired. If you feel strength is dropping then you might toss in a full Max workout once in two weeks.


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