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    I’m training for a climb in the Wrangell’s and using the 16 week big mountain plan, during the climb we will be using sleds to haul gear, and I’m not sure where in the plan to put sled training.

    Should I put sled training in during weighted hill climb days or during mountain max strength days?

    Secondly, should I be doing sled training in Z3 with the weight I’m pulling plus a loaded pack determining the speed I’m moving on a slight incline?


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    Anonymous on #38733

    I would add the sled into the ME workouts as their scheduled in the plan.

    Also, you don’t have to go at a Z3 pace nor Z3 heart rate. The weight itself is enough to create a Z3 stimulus in the legs while your heart rate will likely be lower than expected.

    MarkPostle on #38777

    I agree with Semple here that the ME is a good place to put a weighted pack + weighted sled workout. If you have the terrain and snow to do it on I also think its useful to throw in 1 or 2 longer Zone 1/2 workouts on the weekend with a moderate weight sled just to get used to the duration and as a little gear shakedown to make sure that everything is working well. Regardless getting a little time in pulling the sled in training is smart as it is a unique direction of resistance and can make you quite sore if youre not accustomed to it.

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