Exercise order in ME workouts

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    Hi UA Folks,
    i’m finally able to train again since some months. I’m currently doing a ME Workout similar to this here https://uphillathlete.com/at-home-muscular-endurance-workout-with-progression/ or in the Mike Foote’s 20 Week Plan. I needed to modify the “split squad jumps” but beside that i’m able to do all the exercises.
    I Just finished my seventh workout with 6 sets of 10. I added goblet squad to overhead press some weeks ago. This is my second last exercise of the workout. I feel like i’m not able to be as explosive as I may, should be.
    My question: How important is the order of the exercises in the ME Workout. In my opinion it makes sense to have all the explosive stuff (e.g. Jump squats, split jump squats) at the beginning. Is there any reason not to do the goblet oh. press earlier in the workout? Or, generally mix the order?

    Currently i do it as following:
    #1 Split squad jump (in my case a bit easier lunge variation)
    #2 Squat jumps
    #3 Lunges
    #4 Step Up
    #5 goblet oh press
    #6 KB Swing

    Thanks in advance — mirko

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    Anonymous on #54676


    There is no special order to these exercises so do them in the order that feels best for you and allows the best effort.


    nullkru on #54684

    Thanks for your answer Scott! Have a nice day — mirko

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