Erratic Heart Rate Drift Test

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    Hello, i’ve been working with an athlete for a few weeks now and i’m trying to get a handle on his heart rate zones. However, each test shows an erratic heart rate. It’s the third time he’s repeated the test and it’s a similar theme each time.

    He reports back that he’s running relaxed and nasal breathing. He is also using a chest strap.

    My initial thoughts were hardware problem, maybe needs a new strap, or is this something that is actually happening to his heart rate. He is going from highs of 190 to lows of 140 within 20seconds. Seems physiological not possible, but i’m unsure.

    Love to hear if anyone has had experience this…

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    Oliver on #56770

    What file type is supported….

    Oliver on #56772


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    Shashi on #56774

    Oliver – can you share the training peaks link for the test?

    Oliver on #56907

    I’m unsure on how to do this… – sorry!

    Shashi on #56919

    I am assuming the AeT test workout is captured in Training Peaks. Once you open the workout in Traning Peaks click on Analyze and then you will see a ‘Public’ checkbox. Click on it and then share the link. Hope this is helpful.

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