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    Nicklas McKittrick

    Wondering if anyone can offer insight on what specific equipment would be needed for the mountaineering styled programs. Thinking strength training equipment, I know some of them mention access to a rower/treadmill and that a well equipped home gym would be needed but wondering what “well equipped” means.


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    LindsayTroy on #50353

    Which strength program are you thinking? The Chamonix mountain fit states that for the first 3 levels you don’t need any equipment.

    If you are thinking the max strength like in the books, this is what you’re looking for:

    A barbell with weight plates is really all you need. You’ll want enough weight for squatting (probably your heaviest lift) everything else can be done with the plates if you don’t have dumbbells.

    Shashi on #50404


    As Lindsay said you can do most workouts without any gear, but here is what I have been using since last year as part of my 24-week mountaineering plan –

    Step Platform – up to 75% of my knee height
    Dumbbells – 2X 25 lb (will probably buy a heavier set for next cycle)
    Weight Vest – 40 lb (I use a combination of dumbbells and weight vest on some workouts like box step-ups)
    Pull-Up Bar
    Yoga Mat
    Foam Roller and Resistance Bands (for recovery day foam-rolling/stretching)

    Hope this is helpful.

    Nicklas McKittrick on #50414

    Thanks that was super helpful!!!

    Aaron on #50441

    I am about same as Sashi. Not familiar with the mountaineering plans but for the Big Vert running I am good with dumbell pairs ~15/20/25 and honestly that core range, a box and chin up bar would probably cover 90% of the need.

    I have added dumbell pairs from 10 to 40lb which nicely cover my full range of general strength transition work and ME work. I’ve progressed over the yrs where I now need heavier plate and barbell access for Max Strength work but have chosen to use gyms for those discrete blocks and everything else is at home. Before starting to use the gym, I was using combo of backpack full of homemade sand bags that was ~70lb plus dumbells in the 25-40lb range for ~Max strength blocks. That was plenty of load for one legged work at the time (e.g. step ups, Bulgarian split squats). ~150lbs still fine for ~6-8 rep range, but to properly load at 3-4 rep range I need the gym.

    Nicklas McKittrick on #50450


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