End Date for 16 Week Advanced Skimo Training Plan

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    I am trying to figure out how to apply the 16 week cycle – in TP, I put in my “end” date as the date of my target race – is this right? (I.e., does the plan allow me to taper into that race?) Also, I have another target race a week later – should I employ the “mid-week” bonus weeks at that point or how does that work?

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    The plan has a built in taper for a major or “A” level event. The race is scheduled to occur at the ned of week 16.

    On of the example bonus weeks is suggested for training between B or C level events where will not be tapering or when you have enough time (3 weeks) between A level events to do some really Capacity building training.

    The other example mid season week is for when you are racing two important races with in a week. There is no time for real training and you just need to get recovered and do some maintenance.

    I hope this answers your questions.

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