Electrolytes During Runs and Hikes

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    Jean Neuman

    Hello everyone,
    I’m hoping to get advice on different types of electrolytes during hikes and runs.
    I’m a vegan that avoids processed sugar and am looking for a decent electrolyte option for hiking and running.

    I LOVE water and drinking electrolyte drinks can be a chore.
    I have a tendency to flush out electrolytes and my doctor suggested I salt my food (in general) and make sure I have salty fuel options during exercises.
    I was taking salt tabs until it was mentioned on a call that it isn’t the best option and can lead to GI upset. (I think that is what was mentioned, but don’t quote me on it.)

    I am surrendering to electrolyte drink options.

    Does anyone have suggestions on possible electrolyte tabs I can add to my water?

    For salty food, a SAR person suggested Fritos – simple ingredients with a lot of salt. Lol.

    Thank you for the input!

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    Alyssa Clark on #78799

    Hi Jean,
    First off if you are used to salt pills and they work for you, you can absolutely use them. We just don’t recommend using salt pills for the first time in a race without ever practicing with them. Salt pills are a great tool and useful to many people. Pickle juice makes a pickle juice shot which could be helpful for you as well.

    Jean Neuman on #78883

    Thanks Alyssa! I keep salt tabs on me as a backup. I used an electrolyte drink the last couple of times and have felt so much better after hiking and running. Taste isn’t too bad and my faith is restored in the electrolyte drink. Lol.

    Ruth Blackshaw on #79806

    Hi Jean, I sometimes do my own electrolyte option adding some salt and concentrated syrup (the kind that you might use to dilute and drink as a fruit “squash”) which also works well for me!

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