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    I’ve just bought the Luke Nelson 20 week training plan with a view to using this in 2023 as a build up to an FKT challenge. I’ve not used TP before and had a couple of questions. How do I input the final distance so that it adjusts the weekly volume in the plan? Can I just drag and drop different workouts to different days (Sundays are not a good training day for me so I have a different weekly rhythm)? I do a fair but of cross training on an elliptical and don’t have access to a treadmill so can I do the tests in week 1 on the elliptical? How should these activities be uploaded onto TP (cross training or running)? Thanks folks!

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    Jennifer Louie on #73183

    For dragging and dropping the workouts, you’ll need the premium version of TP. I sync my aerobic workouts using my Polar heart rate monitor and the syncing capability between the Polar app and TP but I think this is only a feature with the premium version. Otherwise, you would have to enter those in manually.

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