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    I am on a somewhat continuous training cycle, always training for my next climb. I own and have been using the UA 24 week expeditionary mountain plan (the plan) on Training Peaks (TP).

    I have a trip scheduled next week (14,000 ft), one in August (13,000 ft), another in October (4-14,000 ft peaks), another in January (18,491 ft) and yet another longer trip in March (27,940 ft), as well bi weekly outings to some rock somewhere 😮

    For the first three trips I am simply setting the end date in TrainingPeaks, and starting somewhere in the middle of the plan, ignoring what came before.

    For the trips that I pick up training earlier in the cycle, what is the best way to set things up? Do I just set the end date in TP and accept whatever stage it brings up for the current date (even if its in a transition period)? Or is there a better way?

    I don’t want to have to go into TrainingPeaks and modify 24 weeks of training for each trip individually. I can subscribe to the Premium Plan if that helps.


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    You can break up the 24 week plan and move the training days around in it if you have the premium TP account. This will allow you to tweak the 24 week plan as needed. Now that you have used it successfully this would probably be a smart move. Premium also allows you much more tracking features for monitoring fitness, fatigue and recovery. Its a very effective tool and not expensive for the self coached.

    Anywhere you find that you have enough of a break between climbs you can insert a block of training from the 24 week plan be sure to account for some recovery after any particularly taxing climbs. Were you cut these training blocks from in the 24 week plan is going to be up to you based on where you feel you need the most work. If your base is high then a bit of strength maintenance and Z1-2 base training maybe all you can fit in. Between the August and Oct and the Oct and Jan climbs you may find that you have time for inserting a short ME block.

    If you’re feeling run down but the climbs then dropping back to the early base period or even some transition weeks will be in oder. Hopefully you got your capacity bank account topped up before you go on this spending spree. If so then a few small deposits should see you through.


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