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    Interested to know in a nutshell what the shift is between these phases as I’m moving over to the late base phase. Tthus far it’s been a case of mostly z1/Z2 miles plus some weekly ME work. What should I now be introducing?

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    What you add into the plan as you get closer to your goal event depends on your event. For mountaineers and alpinists and ski mountaineers we up the ME work in the final weeks to months. And we make their ME work all about hiking steeply uphill with a heavy pack.

    For runners and skimo we use the gym based ME and do so in the early base phase. In the late base we shift to more conventional interval training.

    I hope this helps.

    davelockyer101 on #32419

    Thanks. That’s helpful. I’m training for a trail ultra so plan to build in some hill sprints…

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