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    Paula Kim


    Is there a way to download the training plan from Training Peaks? This past session’s training plan is not available in the “Library” portion of Training Peaks. I understand we won’t have access to ChamFit etc, but just wanted to have documentation for the last round of training. Thanks.


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    Jean Neuman on #78599

    Hi Paula,
    This is a long reply with a lot of information. Hope it helps. For the last piece at the end, I reached out to Training Peaks.

    The Training Plan should always be on your Training Peaks account calendar where you can refer back to the workouts by going to the date of the workout you want to see.

    Granted, I’m not sure if this is applicable to Basic vs. Premium membership. While in this program, we have Premium. That will revert to Basic unless you sign up for Premium.

    For the items below, I’m not sure if these are available with the Basic membership.

    A. Adding current workouts (that are on your calendar) to your Workout Library for Future Use.
    You can copy workouts from your calendar to “My Library”. To do this, you click on the workout, then drag and drop it into the “My Library” folder.
    NOTE – The workouts cannot have the same name. I was able to create folders for the different workouts in order to drag them into My Library. It was tedious. I’m not sure if they will still be available in the My Library folders once the group ends or if they disappear from the account. Either way, they’ll be on your actual calendar.

    B. Purchase a Training Plan from Uphill Athlete – It’s yours to keep. 🙂
    Uphill Athlete has training plans on their site for sale. When you buy them, they will be in your Training Peaks account and you can add them to your calendar. You can use the same training plan several times. It’s always in your Training Plans folder. For me, it was worth the investment to purchase a couple so I wouldn’t have to write a training plan for myself. I’ll let the experts do it. Lol.

    C. The Books Have Workouts and Instructions on Training Plans
    I have “Training for the Uphill Athlete” and “Training for the New Alpinism” books. They are great resources. Training for the New Alpinism is available on the Uphill Athlete site. Both books are available on the internet. If you decide to purchase on the internet, check the book type (printed vs. audio vs. electronic book). 😉

    D. Download a Training Plan or Workout to Your Computer.
    There will be a couple of times when I’m traveling and will have zero electronics – not even the phone. I wanted to be able to print the week’s workout to take with me instead of writing it down.

    For this one, I reached out to Training Peaks and this is the response I received:

    “Thank you for reaching out. Training plans on TrainingPeaks are optimized to be used online or on the mobile app. That being the case we do not have a way to export the plan or receive a hard copy.

    You can still print off your plan though. To print your weekly or monthly calendars you can use the screen print function (command + P on a Mac or control + P on a PC). This will display what is on your calendar and you can print those workouts off or save them as a PDF.

    If you would like to print more weeks, put your calendar into compact view, which you can enable on the top right corner of your calendar. You can also print off each individual workout if you open the workout and then click on the menu icon (?, top right) and select Print from the QuickView.

    You also have the ability to print a single workout if you click onto the workout and use the menu item to print.

    The printability has been brought up by many of our users and we are looking into it but I do not have a hard timeline on when it will be reintroduced to the program.”

    Take care,

    Jean Neuman on #78600

    Oh, before I forget – I checked the books out from my library prior to purchasing them to see if I would want to buy them. I ended up purchasing both. That’s another option if you want to look before you buy.

    Anonymous on #87296

    I’ve had some experience downloading this training plans, and I’ve realized how important it is for the document to be in the right format. Once, I downloaded a plan that was in PNG format, and it didn’t load properly. To fix this, I used to convert the file to PDF. This made it easier to open and follow the plan. Having the correct format meaning that the document works well and is accessible for everyone.

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