Downhill Strength Exercises?

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    Long time user of Training for New Alpinism, and now reading through Uphill Athlete.

    I know that this is somewhat beyond the scope of pure skimo/racing, but for those of us who are a bit more descent-focused, are there effective leg strengthening exercises that we should add to the strength and conditioning program, or do most people find the exercises listed sufficient (along with a fair chunk of downhill skiing)?

    I’ve tried leg blasters, pure gym strength routines and lots of hill work…not sure if there’s any better eccentric exercises out there to include too.


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    russes011 on #53838

    I have had success with the Tap-Jump-Tap box drill (15sec on–45sec/off), as well a lunge off a box where you jump side to side on the same leg for awhile over a small object. Pistol squat progressions also seem very useful, both for climbing and skiing. Single-leg stuff seems best IMO.

    Otherwise, the UA Box step-down is really great, as are leg blasters (aka quadzilla complexes), although with the latter I find it important to monitor form to prevent injury–its easy to get sloppy when tired. I have also evolved to just use weighted, jumping lunges instead of leg blasters because I think thats where the money is.

    Single leg balance exercises like single-leg Romanian deadlifts are great. As are those one-legged pelvic lifts that train your hamstrings (also can be weighted). And of course the good old deadlift for posterior chain deficiencies.

    One could also do negatives (eccentrics) on a lot of these exercises, or at least do the eccentric portions slow, which should provide a better descent-focussed work-out.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    teamweasel on #53910

    Thanks for that advice – I’ll definitely focus on the jumping lunges!

    rich.b on #53915

    Strength exercises are obviously a critical foundation, but they do not necessarily help with endurance skiing downhill. A routine I mixed in in previous years for mountain ultras and had just got back into early last fall to prepare for this winter’s skiing – until the fall covid wave shut things down again – is to mix some endurance into it by inserting lunges and jump lunges (holding a 10 kg plate) into a spin workout. 10-15 min warm-up; then about 10 sets of: spin interval (30 sec up to 2 min), jump off and do 10 weighted (jump)lunges, 1-2 min spin recovery, repeat; 10-15 easy to round it off.
    Hopefully shall get back to these next fall.

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