Doing the week's long zone 1 session partly as an ME session?

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    I don’t think I’ve seen this asked before, and the “Power and Endurance don’t mix” article doesn’t really cover this since ME isn’t about power.

    But this week I have a long-ish trad trip coming up after the weekend, and I have a written assignment I’m doing for school before that, so I’ve had to skip some sessions. I was wondering how it will be if I do one of my ME sessions this week (500m vertical with 10% of bodyweight) as the first hour of a 4 hour long zone 1 session. I’ll be using the same hill, so I’d do laps until I’m done with ME, then leaving the pack in the car and doing the rest unweighted.

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    I think the important thing with ME is to make sure you’re doing the work to support it and that you’re feeling stronger from session to session. If you have to skip a session, I would skip the ME and do more support work.

    Anonymous on #9544

    I agree with Scott. Prioritize the aerobic support work.


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