Doing a big climb in 2 weeks after being slightly over-trained a month prior.

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    I have the opportunity the week before and the weekend of Labor Day weekend (a bit over 2 weeks from now) to head to South America and I’m planning to climb something high – Illimani I’m thinking.

    However, this entire summer I spent most of the time doing high intensity mountaineering and mountain biking in the cascades/rockies, with very few rest days. I think I pushed myself into over-training after a one-day climb of Glacier Peak which left me super fatigued. Two weeks after that (mountain biking in between) I attempted a one-day climb of Rainier without acclimatization (which I was confident I should have been able to do comfortably), but at 12k ft I hit a wall – no idea why, but I blamed the altitude (but it was actually overtraining).

    The week/days after that I did more high intensity mountain biking, and I was just totally fatigued beyond measure. After turning around because of fatigue on a one-day climb of Granite peak just one mile in the trail, I realized I was overtrained. That was on July 24th, and I ceased anything strenuous then and have been resting.

    I’ve been resting since then (21 days ago) and am starting another structured training plan today with a 3 – 4 week gradual transition period. I feel strong and ready to go now (like an extra spring in my step when heading up the stairs).

    However, I am planning a big climb 2 weeks from now. 3 weeks of rest + slight overtraining surely did a blow to my fitness. I wanted to know, will I be able to regain enough fitness with 2 weeks of light training to attempt another big objective without pushing myself to over training again? Will I be able to keep up with my partner, or move at a snails pace? This is uncharted territory for me.

    I’d love to get anyone’s experience on this – because if this is a recipe for disaster, I’d rather save the flight $$ or attempt something easier and more mellow.

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    Shashi on #56472

    I have no experience with overtraining. Based on the forum discussions related to this topic I think it will be challenging for you to regain your fitness in two weeks and be ready for a four-day (?) high altitude climb in South America. Would this be your first climb in this region and at this altitude?

    Even though on the first day of your transition you feel strong, I would just recommend being conservative and take it slow. You don’t want to slip back into overtraining and should allow your body to recover.

    Check out the forum topics related to Overtraining (under Forum Index on the right). Also check this topic where Scott has provided some great inputs to someone getting back into training after a long break.

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