Does Zone 1 Workouts Improve Aerobic Capacity??

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    Travis Gerbatsch

    Good evening,

    Just wondering if zone 1 workouts improve aerobic capacity or do they only maintain your base? I’m finding that this iteration of the training group incorporates a lot of zone 1 workouts.

    Essentially would like to know if my zone 1 training runs are adding to my base?



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    pedro on #77969

    Hi Travis,

    Trainings in zone 1 and zone 2 improve your aerobic capacity. In The beginning , the tendency is to do more trainings in zone 1 to recover and zone 2 to improve aerobic capacity.
    With training and the consequent improvement , your aerobic threshold heart rate value will go up, you will need to balance training with more trainings in zone 1 to avoid overreaching or overtraining .


    Pedro Carvalho

    Andrew Nevins on #80199

    Hey Travis – Zone 1 does help improve aerobic capacity, endurance and helps facilitate mitochondria production. Alan Couzens has studied and written a lot on this topic. He is a well-regarded endurance coach that has coached many athletes to great performance victories. During his several decades of studying and coaching, he found that spending significant time in Zone 1 is very beneficial to an athlete’s development.

    You can find his substack and book at the link below. I am a big fan of spending time in Zone 1 & Zone 2. Consistency with training and increased volume over meaningful periods of time will help build a great aerobic base.

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