Do the Z3 or more Z2?

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    Hi coaches,

    I’ve finally recovered from my sickness and am starting week 1 of the intermediate group this week. Looking at TP, I see the ME or Z3 weighted exercises taking the place of a CMF every week. My event(s) are still 20+ weeks out, and I’m wondering if I would be better served by additional Z2 time to improve me aerobic base, rather than spend the time in Z3? It does seem like those exercises are more geared toward strength development than Z3 time, which is definitely important, so I wanted to ask for thoughts on this.

    Maybe I should just repeat beginner level this group, but increase durations across all activities? My strength has reduced quite a bit due to deconditioning, and while I was doing good work on CMF level 3 in the 3rd week of December, I’m now back to struggling through CMF level 2 as I recover from a deep chest grunge.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    pedro on #75179

    Hi Aaron ,

    It always depends in how being sick affect you, but you can always change level if ou feel the need and since your event in 20+ weeks out , you have time to workout more on your aerobic base.
    If you feel that you want to change for the base level you just need to contact me at .



    aaronnorlund on #75267


    If I were to go back to the basic level, I feel cardio wise I would step back too far.

    Looking forward in the program, it seems like the main differences in the beginner and intermediate levels are duration of cardio, and the first CMF day of the week is changed to the Z3/ME workouts.

    Maybe it would be better for me to just switch those ME/Z3 days for CMF, at least until I get back to CMF level 3? Then I’m still building aerobic base at the intermediate level, but giving time to rehab the strength. Something of a hybrid between intermediate and beginner level.



    pedro on #75268


    sounds like a good plan …



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