do PT on same day as ME?

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    Jane Mackay

    Hello coaches,

    I have a similar question to Melanie. Neil at LCDS has given me PT for my left leg that is fairly taxing. I also have some not-as-taxing upper body PT from my prior therapist. Would it be best not to do these on the ME day?

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    Jane Mackay on #59295

    Hi @carolyn-8307, I should have put this in the list for the Zoom chat, which I wasn’t able to attend, but I didn’t. Can you advise me? I’d also be interested to know the answer to Melanie’s question about the timing of PT on an aerobic day.
    Thank you!

    Anonymous on #59302

    Hi Jane,
    As I just noted in Melanie’s post. Maybe do a light single round of PT for neuromuscular work before ME so leg is primed and awake to do good work, however don’t do a full session on ME day, or aerobic. The easier upper body PT should be fine that day.
    As for full PT sessions that are taxing build this in to strength days and modify strength for the weaker leg. I hope this helps.

    Jane Mackay on #59305

    That’s very helpful. Thank you, Carolyn!

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