Do my AET + ANT Test results make sense?

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    I’m on week 16 of the 24-week plan, so just finished the base period.

    Since I have no mountain objective on the horizon, I wanted to redo the 8 weeks of the base period before getting to ME work, and also focus on strength (I missed a few strength workouts)

    Just did AET and ANT tests and was hoping someone could give them a look to see if my thinking is correct.

    Incline Treadmill AET Test:

    First time on an incline treadmill since last year, due to covid19. At 15%, the max grade, I have to be walking really really fast to keep my HR up and it’s super awkward, but if I start running it shoots up too far. So I tried to just do a flat run on treadmill.

    15-minute gradual warmup to what felt like an easy effort, set pace and did not move it for duration of test.

    At about the 45-minute mark of the test I got a cramp in my side and had to stop. Not being much of a runner (most of my z1/z2 workouts are hiking up a hill that’s too steep to run), I think it might have been better to try maybe a 3% elevation run.


    First 20 mins average: 154
    Second 20 mins averagE: 162

    162 – 154 = 8 / 154 = 5.1%

    Sound right?

    Would it make a difference that I ran rather than do the steep incline, which is how I’ve been training?

    ANT Test:

    20 minute easy warmup, and then all-out effort for 30 minutes up a hill.

    I was using my chest strap, which has been having difficulties lately when it’s really hot (it was 90 degrees+ that day). My HR will suddenly drop 20 beats and then come right back up. That happened for 6 minutes in the middle of the workout, and for another minute at the end.

    If I take those moment out, it appears the average is 174.

    Can I set my ANT in the 170 – 175 range?
    Or should I do it again?

    I’d rather not do another ANT test for a few weeks so I can do some longer easy workouts.

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    Anonymous on #43472

    I would do the AeT test again.

    1. The test should start after the 15′ warm-up, and then continues for 60′.
    2. It was too fast. The drift in the 45′-version was 9%, so AeT is much lower. If that one started at ~150, next time gradually warm-up to 130, let HR stabilize before you start, and then hold steady for 60 minutes.

    Here’s a video of a drift test:

    For the AnT test, why would you set it at 170+? The average was 167. The last 20′ was 165. I’d use 165 until you can do another test without the HR glitches.

    And at 165, it’s reasonable to think that AeT may be in the 130 range if you’re new to structured endurance training. Start with an AeT test at 130, then do another AnT test in a month or so.

    floresrm on #43484

    Thanks for the reply, Scott!

    I did a 15 minute warmup followed by 45 mins at constant speed/grade on the treadmill.

    Took the average of the first half, the average of the second half and found an 8 beat difference.

    How are you calculating 9.1%?

    Anonymous on #43576

    Hunh! I don’t remember…

    You are correct that the drift in 45 minutes is less than 5%. However, look at the slope of the recording. It’s constantly rising, and the test was shorter than prescribed. The rule of thumb is a 5% drift over 60 minutes. So if you’re close to 5% in 45′, then it stands to reason that increasing the test length by a third would push the drift over 5%.

    I would do the AeT test again at a lower heart rate. And don’t start the test until HR seems to have stabilized for your given pace.

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