Do I need to recalculate TSS Scores?

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    I’m on week 17 of the 24 week mountaineering plan (since my summer climbing got canceled, I’m doubling the base period).

    I just saw the video on setting up your training zones and realized that I had my TrainingPeaks “Threshold Heart Rate” set to the top of my Zone 2, not the top of Zone 3 (Anaerobic Heart Rate) ????


    Should I go back and recalculate TSS scores?
    If so, how far back should I go?

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    Reed on #43386

    Depends on how afflicted you are with OCD :). Or how much value you put on having historical data to refer to. A while back I had several months’ worth of data that were based on (incorrect) running pace TSS rather than heart rate. The bulk recalculate option [1] might help you out, or you might have to do some of it manually.


    Anonymous on #43468

    I agree with Reed.

    And I’m heavily afflicted with OCD, so I would recalculate EVERYTHING.

    Luckily you can do this with just a few clicks in the Performance Manager Chart in the Dashboard.

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