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DIY AnT Test – now setting Zones

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    Hi there,

    today i did the outdoor AnT 30′ test. I was relatively fresh and tried to pace myself so i don’t blow up a few minutes in.

    The average HR of the test part was 172 bpm. Which i think is pretty high for me. TP gives me a new threshold value of 165 bpm. Now im a bit confused. I searched the forum how to set my zones. if i get it right, i will set them like this (not sure about Z4, Z5):

    Top of:
    Z1 = AeT – 10%
    Z2 = AeT (around 141 bpm, maybe a bit higher?
    Z3 = AnT (171bpm)
    Z4 = AnT + 10%? (how do i set this range?)
    Z5 = ? all i can sustain for a short period of time

    Link to TrainingPeaks:

    Thanks in advance, wish you all a great day

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    Anonymous on #27009

    Two things come to mind:

    1) I wouldn’t worry about your AnT right now. With a ~20% spread between AeT and AnT, all pf your aerobic work should be below AeT. You need to close the gap between the two thresholds in order to benefit from high-intensity work in the future. So I wouldn’t worry about what the actual zone markers are right now.

    2) Z1, Z2, etc are zones, not thresholds. So each will have a lower boundary and an upper boundary. One heart rate may define a zone boundary, but it can never define the entire zone. For now, use ~140 as your AeT (upper boundary of Z2) and ~125 as the upper boundary of Z1 (10% below AeT).

    The higher threshold and zones aren’t much use to you right now, so I wouldn’t worry about them. When they are useful, their boundaries will likely have changed anyway.

    nullkru on #27079

    Thank Scott,

    now i think i got it. Reread the chapter in the TFTUA about the spread between Ant/Aet. So i then have to improve my AeT. Which is done by running unter my AeT. Then retest AeT Regularly. But when do i know exactly how this improved? Muss miss this point (or don’t get it exactly because of my english knowledge).
    Let’s say i retest my AeT next month. I sustain an easy effort at 147 bpm for 1h with a Pa:Hr ratio of <5%. Then i would set upper Z2 to 147bpm?

    This retesting goes till the 10% rule getting closer, then adding intensity?

    So thankful for all your knowledge and the time you put in to this forum/site!
    Greetings — mirko

    Anonymous on #27088

    Yes, correct. Right now, your AnT is just a marker to help you track improvements in AeT as the gap between the two closes. The bpm for each may change, and the gap will narrow as your aerobic capacity improves.

    nullkru on #27378

    Hei Scott, thank you very much!

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