Differences in progression between 3:1 and 2:1 blocks

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    I have been generally doing 3 week blocks followed by a consolidation week at 50-60% of the volume. This has been working reasonably well for me, as I have felt fatigued at the end of the 3 weeks and recovered by the end of the consolidation week. However, at work I am on a 6 week on-call schedule and it would be nice to align my on-call weeks with consolidation weeks, and am considering switching to a 2 week on, 1 week consolidate schedule.

    Is there any difference in volume/consolidation ratios when doing a 2:1 block? E.g. should I increase volume during the on weeks compared to what I do in a 3 week block, or perhaps do 60-70% volume instead of 50-60% volume during consolidation weeks? Anything other things I should watch out for using 2:1 blocks?


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    Yes. 🙂

    Do whatever works for you. The recommendations are just general rules of thumb. If your schedule and energy respond better to three-week cycles, that’s no problem at all. Only increase the volume if it doesn’t compromise recovery.

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