Did first AeT drift tests, confused by the results

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    Hi everyone!

    It’s my first time posting and I know the topic of the drift test is common here, but checking other threads didn’t answer my questions and I’d appreciate if you take a look at my case.

    I have recently done two drift tests to check my AeT and adjust my training. I’m in week 6 of transition phase and have been using MAF score of 150 bpm so far. I have no previous running experience, had a training “gap year” in 2020/21 and before that I’ve been training/racing cyclocross and road cycling at amateur level for about 6 seasons (mostly high intensity training)

    Test #1: http://tpks.ws/XH4UMEW25HV75TI4FEYTRMETSU
    Test #2: http://tpks.ws/NQEYQLBXCSR7NTI4FEYTRMETSU
    For both workouts Lap #2 is the actual test

    Both runs felt reasonably easy, although the second one noticeably less so. I was really surprised that the second test gave the smaller Pa:HR score. I’d love to know the answers to following questions to have an idea where to go from here:

    – I chose to go with constant HR for these tests and managed to keep it in +/-5bpm for the majority of the tests. Is it still too much of a range? Should I perhaps switch to constant pace for next tests?
    – I did the second test the day after the first one. Could that skew the results somehow? I felt really fresh both after the first test and on the day of the second.
    – I slightly adjusted the course of the second test (a smaller loop) to make it a bit more flat. Could that be an issue?
    – Any other suggestions or remarks regarding these tests? Should I restest next week? If so what starting HR should I aim for?

    If you need some more information please let me know. I am looking forward to your insights 🙂


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    From the information you emailed you I can first say that you can’t compare these two tests because they were done on different courses. One was hilly and one much flatter. I would also recommend controlling the HR better during the test as you had big swings.

    I hope this helps,

    postscript on #57437

    Thank you for the advice Scott! I did another test today with your remarks in mind and I think the results looks better. I attached a screenshot below.

    While the min and max HR are still quite far from the target HR, both were very short spikes and the whole test felt more consistent than the previous ones. Given the 3.56% PA:HR I’m inclined to settle with 160 bpm as the AeT for now. Do you think that’s reasonable, or is there still a need for a better test?


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    This test looks much better and I think you can use 160 as the top of Z2 then retest in 6 weeks.


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