Determining AeT using my ventilatory raw test data

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    Hi guys,

    I did a gas exchange test lately and on the same test the lab applied a lactate test. I got my thresholds from the lactate test but I want to double check using my ventilatory results.

    Can someone help me determine my AeT from the attached raw data?
    (To not bias you, I would reveal my lactate result later; I translated the headers as good as possible)

    Thank you very much!


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    Anonymous on #23925


    While the data in columns AA and AB (%fat and %carbs) looks reasonable the HR data in column N is suspicious. Your HR climbs steadily reaching the high 180s in minute 6 but then it drops by 40 beats to the 140s during minute 7. I can’t see how that could happen especially when the speed remains constant at 8 km/hr. With this HR data I can’t see how to determine the AeT or even the 50/50 fat/carbs cross over point heart rate.


    Dada on #23932


    Thank you for looking into this. That’s where I had problems too. It’s sad that you get such a test result from a former Olympian doctor…

    I tried it as well applying smoothing and some Beaver V-slope Regression and I actually found my AeT but was not able to draw meaningful HR values from there.

    The lactate threshold was yielding 153 for AeT and 179 for AnT. The AnT seems correct but I was a little suspicious about the AeT though.

    The AeT was determined by the first lactate increase of 0.4 mmol/L and then interpolated. The breathing test is heavily unreliable for me.

    Thank you again though!


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