Denali Cancelled – Adjsuting Training Plan

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    I’m halfway in the 24 week mountaineering plan for a trip to Denali this June that has now been cancelled as the Park Service shut down all climbing for the season.

    I want to keep going with the training, but am interested in shifting into a fat-loss focus. I have 10-15 lb I want to lose, and I’ve been stuck at the same weight during this training cycle. Do you recommend any changes to the training plan? More cardio, less strength? More high intensity for fat burning?


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    Anonymous on #39781

    Mechanisms of weight loss per diet

    ~ via @jeukendrup

    All weight-loss strategies work on the same principle: input < output.

    On the output side of the equation, you can still train for an important endurance-oriented objective with weight loss in mind and using the same programming. As far as high- or low-intensity goes, high-intensity is better per hour. But per week, per month, and per year, you’ll be able to sustain a much higher caloric burn rate with low-intensity.

    For example, if an hour in Zone 3 burns 900 calories and an hour in Zone 1 burns 700, how many such hours can you pack into a week? And how much time do you have to train?

    For those training only three hours a week (and without any endurance-oriented desires), high-intensity is probably best for weight loss: 3 x 900 = 2700 kcal. But for those with only three hours per week and endurance-oriented goals, the loss in aerobic work capacity wouldn’t be worth it.

    Above three hours per week, low-intensity will create a greater caloric burn: 4 x 700 = 2,800 kcal. I doubt that anyone can sustain more than three hours of genuine Zone 3 intensity per week (by pace, not heart rate).

    Anonymous on #39784

    One more point: In light of the COVID crisis, I would avoid focusing on weight loss. Immunity should be the number one priority, and that is best served by not running an energy deficit.

    Bond on #39785

    Scott is right on, to lose weight the only thing to do is to eat less. Improving food quality is always nice too but there’s got to be fewer calories in. In my experience this is incredibly difficult without a food tracker like My Fitness Pal, which works wonders if you stick to it.

    For training, I find it’s difficult to do long aerobic work and a calorie deficit at the same time. The long workouts stimulate hunger and it’s actually not that difficult to burn 1500 calories then eat 2000 calories back and end up at a net negative. “It was such a hard workout so I’m having a double cheeseburger and fries, and hey a beer or two as well.” It’s tough to do two-three hours in the hills then refuel with a salad with light dressing, both in terms of your body recovering day-to-day but also the mental aspect of feeling satiated.

    So my advice would be to focus your training on strength work. Gyms are or should be closed due to the virus but figure something out. Strength seems to work better for most people in a calorie deficit, but recognize that you also won’t have as fast of gains as you would when eating more.

    But the diet is the main thing. And again, I know hardly anyone who’s lost weight without a tracking program like My Fitness Pal and I know a ton of people (myself included) who have used it successfully.

    Foster on #39795

    Bond has a really key point that you will need to track in order to successfully lose weight. I am currently in my first weight loss cycle (attempting to go from 84 kg to 75 kg) while continuing to train, and it would not be possible without the My Fitness Pal app.

    This article on Training Peaks was really helpful: My most important take away from this has been adjusting workout and meal timing to ensure that key workouts end with a planned meal.

    climbgoon on #39974

    Like Others, My Denali trip is canceled. Also Ill be out of work until? I plan to continue my training program,Add some extra stretching and meditation. Clean up my diet. Catch up on some reading.I also signed up to improve my Navigation with a Caltopo class as I can improve those skills. My objectives will be in the Sierra this summer when this is all over, Good luck to you all!

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