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    Since we’re starting at different levels of readiness and have different goals, how should we customize the weekly volume and long run targets, and the time/distance for the quality workouts? For example, the 12, 15, 17 mile weekly long runs in the 50-100K plan are too much for me as I’ve only thus far ramped to 12 miles; also I’m not sure these distances are necessary as I’m targeting a 42 mile goal. What weekly volume and long run distance should I be ramping to? Or should the target be duration-based (eg 2 hours in zone 2)? Related question re the quality workouts: The plan also calls for a 6 mile Sunday endurance run in 36 minutes, which is way faster than I’ll run it. What is the plan’s intention: Should I run for 6 miles, or for 36 minutes? Thanks!

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    Hi Mike,
    We will discuss this more in the calls, but you should be scaling your runs for the target distance. I would recommend since you are a bit in between distances, to look at the 50k and 100k plans and find a happy medium between the two for volume. As for the 6 mile run, shoot for 6 miles, not the time.

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