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    Dear uphill athletes

    I thought it might be a nice motivator for people to post what they are doing to train despite Covid19 situation, and sharing ways to stay finding positive despite not being able to hike/climb etc.

    Myself: I had a lousy prep this autumn and was struggling to recover from my bigger weekend mixed climbing trips. Therefore I have used this opportunity to start over. I have the 24 week plan and took week 4 (deload) and have now started over at week 5, but dropping one of the easyZ1 workouts in place of an indoor climbing hangboard and strength workout. (I am lucky that I live next to a small hill)

    Therefore the week is now
    off / str / z2 hills / hang / z1 flat run / str / long z1 hills

    My goals are:
    – to be as consistent as possible with training, sleep, nutrition
    – to gently rehab a pulley strain
    – to do a lot of stretching and prehab work in any extra spare time so as to be as strong and resilient once we can get outdoors again

    So: What are people doing to stay motivated? What are you working on?

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    Frantik on #39976

    I had a trip in the Alps for various alpine objectives planned for early June which although is not yet cancelled,I don’t see it happening.

    I am now in the middle of the 24 week plan and we still are allowed to go out for runs, etc. I just had to stop the gym which means no more easy vertical for me, trails are rather flat where I live.

    So in order to not compromise immune system so much I decided to go on a maintenance mode until situation improves.

    This means I will be doing 75% of weekly aerobic volumes in the program for the near future at least and as volume increases I will cap session duration that allow me to be recovered in max 24 hours as Scott mentioned in another thread.

    annis on #40016

    I’m in week 13 of the essentially endless Training for the New Alpinism log book regime; a few weeks into the maximum endurance cycle. I’m in utter flat land, so my long zone 1 session is 3-9 hours along the local prairie path, my maximum endurance hill climb is usually a stair climb in a local high-rise, and I fill the volume out with lots of low heart rate aerobic activities, including gym wall climbing.

    In the time of pandemic, I’ve evolved this. The ME climb is a heavily weighted slog up the only hill for tens of miles, an overfilled landfill hump, vey much in the spirit of Andy Hampsten doing laps on that interstate on-ramp. The long prairie path walk remains viable. It is the low level aerobic activities that have completely stopped- I can’t go row or elliptical at the local gym, for example.

    What I’ve done is to add much more strength than usual. Instead of the 1 max strength session the training plan calls for in week 13, I’m doing 1 max strength, 2 long slow killer cores, 1 hill sprint, 1 transition session a week, in addition to the ME hill climb. 30-60 minutes of strength work, M-F. I do get in some low level aerobic activities (I -hate- flat-land running, but suck it up and do it!), just not as much as in normal times. The strength sessions seem to be working for me- I feel the usual fatigue that I do in this part of the training cycle.

    The question I have is that the TftNA Log book specifically says to limit your strength training to less than 3 hours a week. I’m blowing right past that. What’s the effect of this? Trading aerobic capacity for strength? Why did the Log book spend precious text space on that particular admonition?

    brandon.macmullin on #40110

    I was training to ski Rainier in a day. At this point in time, it is highly unlikely I will be able to travel to the States before the end of the ski mountaineering season but there is a chance I might be able to do some ski mountaineering locally in May *fingers crossed*

    Not being able to ski and losing access to a treadmill for interval training are the main setbacks I have had to compensate for.

    Fortunately I am still able to hike and doing the same hike over and over again will likely add more structure to my training and get me better results.

    My goal for now is to continue to build my slog strength. If anything I will be well prepared for summer mountaineering season.

    Mon – Core
    Tues – The “At Home Muscular Endurance Workout”
    Wed – Recovery run
    Thurs – Run, Core
    Fri – 30/30 intervals
    Sat – Hike
    Sun – Hike

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