Covid (or other potential setbacks)

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    Despite being vaccinated and boosted I just tested positive for Covid and not feeling great. Hoping I’ll be feeling better soon, but curious what you recommend for setbacks of this nature. Should I just adjust my calendar back for the days I’m taking off? Thanks!

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    OH jeeze I am so sorry to hear that. The most important thing is you rest up and start to regain energy! I would shift your weeks when you start feeling better and pick up where you left off. There is a thread on the forum (page 2) on how to move weeks of training easily around in Training Peaks. Before you jump back into the program I have been having my athletes who have had covid start by doing 10-20min walks for at least 3 days before any type of “training”. For some this goes on for over a week. This just allows you to see how are you are feeling. If you are really fatigued by 10-20min walks you should NOT start training until that starts feeling normal. I hope that helps and heal up quickly!!

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    I tested positive on December 26th as well. Once the mild cold symptoms passed, I resumed running and FELT relatively normal, but the data clearly said otherwise – my heartrate was a good 15-20bpm higher than what I typically see for the same route and pace. So might be worth keeping an eye on that so you don’t push yourself too hard too soon… and also to have a solid sign for when you are relatively recovered 😉

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    Thanks for starting this thread, and for the good advice! I’m just getting over covid as well, so it’s nice to have some guidance on getting re-started with training.

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