Coros watch and Pa or Pw:hr

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    Jane Mackay

    I missed the call on Tuesday and just watched the recording. I also have a Coros watch and at first got the Pw:hr stat instead of Pw:hr. In case this is helpful to others, here’s how I fixed that issue.

    When I first highlighted the 1 hr of the test, I ONLY had BPM showing in the chart and I got the Pw:hr reading.

    Thinking that maybe it was because there was no speed/pace data showing, I did the caculation again with BOTH BPM AND MIN/KM showing BUT NONE OF THE OTHER METRICS. This time I got Pa:hr.

    The two numbers are different, so it seems to be important to get it right. My Pa:hr was lower than the Pw:hr.

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    mmingus on #58141

    Thanks, Jane. I have the same problem. I’m going to try your suggestion.

    Jane Mackay on #58144

    Let me know if it works for you!

    Coach on #58146

    Yes, the Pa:HR is really important for the AeT test the PW:HR won’t give you an accurate HR zone. Thanks for the tip Jane 🙂

    Sophia Kast on #58190

    Thank you Jane! Your method led me to a solution that worked. I ended up deleting the power stat from the metrics and it finally showed pa:hr! It didn’t work for me to just hide power – I had to delete it completely. But I got it! …and discovered that I was shooting WAY too low on my target HR and have to redo the test (I was at 1.48%). C’est la vie.

    I also put in a message to Training Peaks for help so if they give a different tip, I’ll post it here!


    Jane Mackay on #58209

    Glad my tip pointed you to a solution, Sophia!

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