Contextualizing Meaning of Low AeT

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    Hi. My background is a casual climber and former crossfitter who has seen the light after reading TFTNA / UA. I’m beginning the 16 week mountaineering program to train for an Alaska climbing course this May. After several attempts at the treadmill AeT test I finally nailed the incline / pace and got an AeT result of 115. At an incline of 15 degrees this required a walking pace of 1.5mph. Does this mean I have severe ADS? Essentially I’m struggling to contextualize this number as it relates to the various parameters of aerobic deficiency, incline, and pace so a sense of how I should think about 115 (when I see folks on these forums at what seem to be astronomical AeTs) would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Shashi on #62093


    Have you done the AnT test?

    Can you please make your AeT test public and share the training peaks link?

    I would not compare your thresholds with others.

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