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Confused on the description of planned training in 24 mountaineering week plan

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    In the 3rd week of transition period of the 24 week mountaineering plan the description is as follows:

    1 hr run on flats at or below AeT with pick ups (4x1min up to fun fast pace (NOT 100% sprint) with 3min recovery (easy running/hiking) between)

    The pre-activity comment says:

    Flat run/hike. If you get to hills you probably will need to walk them to keep your heart rate from getting too high. Aerobic Threshold Pace at all times.

    Based on the pre-activiy comment AeT is at all times, yet when I am running already at AeT, with these planned pick ups my heart rate will sure hike up. Am I missing something here or is this a misphrased description ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Anonymous on #7512

    Thank you for bringing this our attention. This is typo and I sincerely apologize for this. We recently edited some of our plans for clarity and this mistake slipped in.

    The correct prescription should be:
    “4×10 seconds up to a fun fast pace” NOT 4x1min

    We’ve updated the plan now. We will be send emails to all who have purchased the plan in the last month to notify them of the mistake.


    Frantik on #7517

    Can we get the updated version somehow automatically through training peaks or we need to correct it manually?

    madanyang on #7518

    AFAIK, when you reapply the plan you get the updated version. I am not sure what happens with your current training data. I always apply the plan further down the calendar and then manually check and shift days as needed.

    Frantik on #7520

    you are works like that.I was also applying the program further down. I just had to reapply it after the changes. Thanks

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