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    I’ve never used compression socks with running training but I’m intrigued. I feel like the research I’ve done is confusing though, so I’d love some advice on how to use them most effectively. Should I run in them? Or wear them after? Are leg sleeves better than socks?

    Thanks for anyones advice!

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    Hi Erica,
    The advice on compression runs the spectrum and I’m not sure there’s a ton of hard evidence with “training” and compression. Personally, I don’t train in compression socks, however I wear compression hose foot to thigh after big mountain days where I really reached and I wear them for travel where I will be sitting for 5+ hours, planes or other wise exercise or not. If I’ve done a big event I definitely wear compression afterward if seated with travel to avoid DVT issues and to help with recovery. Much of the compression story is confusing because its largely anecdotal, and very personal. There is science out there of course, supporting that light compression does help with inflammation and recovery, from sport/surgery/injury or otherwise, so that is a yes. Running in them, idk. Maybe worth just experimenting a bit if you are curious and maybe we’ll get some other feedback ( :

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