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Combining Training Plans

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    Ibrahim Cetindemir


    I am currently on week 3 of the 8 week ice program and I will be getting the 24 week program to prepare for a West Buttress trip. I spent a couple of weeks on Denali this year but had to turn around due to a badly shredded tent. Only had about 5 months of training for the climb due to a few back to back knee surgeries that sidelined me for most of 2016.

    Although I felt good for the majority of the climb I really want to go the extra mile with training and I am looking for something well structured, like your 24 week program.

    How can I safely combine both programs?
    I dont want to diminish my ice program since this will be my first year leading ice and I want to be as solid as possible, but I also do now want to neglect my Denali training.

    Currently I am only doing what the 8 week program dictates and nothing more, can I start working on my base for Denali?. How would you train for both trips simultaneously?


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    Anonymous on #7671


    Sorry to be slow responding. Your post got lost in the spam folder.

    Yes you can combine the two plans. The I&M plan is only strength to you can add aerobic volume in as you can tolerate. The early weeks of the ice and mixed plan may not be too taxing for you so may be possible to add the box steps in the 24 week strength plan without overloading you.

    You’ll need to balance fatigue and energy so be mindful but can be done.


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