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Combining 2 Workout Plans???

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    -Using 24 week Mountaineering plan to prep for Spring ’19 expedition (21 days in Wind River Range, professional/work objective)
    -Want to continue building rock climbing fitness thru winter to continue pushing my climbing skill in Spring/Summer (personal objective)
    -Ultimate goal = have good endurance for long approaches yet still be able to climb well in the alpine (trying to combine professional & personal training objectives)

    What is the best approach to achieving the above?
    Am I biting off too much?

    Thank you!

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    Anonymous on #14220


    No, these goals are compatible but it will be a challenge to manage the time and energy requirements and not drive yourself into the dirt. Josh’s rack plans are strictly training for rock climbing with no endurance or auxiliary strength work. So they’d be pretty easy to mesh.
    Steve’s Eiger or alpine rock plans involve a decent dose of aerobic base training and supplemental strength work. So, combining Steve’s plans with the 24 week expedition plan is going to require some more time and trouble to mess them well. You will need to TP premium account so you can go in and modify these plans and over lay them etc.


    jimmyharris on #14276

    Hi Terry,

    I’d also suggest that you could use the 24 week mountaineering plan and modify some of the workouts in it to be more skill-based using the suggestions in the TfNA book. The book discusses training for both a mountaineering objective (largely improving endurance) and a technical alpine objective (endurance plus improving skill). Reading it (if you haven’t already) should give you a good idea of what changes might need to be made.


    TerryLui on #14407

    Thanks for the insight guys!! Much appreciated 🙂

    jason3759 on #14497

    Thanks Terry for starting this thread. I have a similar situation.

    I am 15 weeks away from a 5 day trip to Mt. Katahdin. The objective is to gain the summit via the Cilley Barber Route, WI 4/4+. The approach involves miles of XC skiing and hiking.

    Currently I am in week 5 of the UP Hill athlete Ice and Mixed climbing training plan.

    My question is how to best overlay/mesh two programs to build strength, skill, and endurance?

    I am using Training Peaks premium*

    Best, J

    BTW Wind River Range is excellent!!

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