College Ski Mountaineering or Trail Running Teams?

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Javier and I am a Ski Mountaineering and Trail Running athlete from Spain. Being the current U18 National Skimo ranking leader, I’m thinking about going to college in the US and competing in Skimo and Trail Running races around the country, at the same time.

    My questions are: Is there any universities that have Mountain sports teams in the US? Do they give any sport scholarships to mountain athletes?

    Thank you!

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    Anonymous on #6683


    Congratulations on your success in your racing. Unfortunately there is not collegiate teams for Mountain sports like Skimo or running in the US. Only the more conventional sports like Cross Country running and Cross Country and Alpine Skiing.

    If you want to continue racing in those sports you are best off in Europe as there is much more competition and more organization, especially for juniors such as yourself.

    Good luck,

    ian.clarke.ian on #7042

    Hey Javier,

    Check out the UVM Skimo and Backcountry skiing team on Facebook. Its just a club team at the University of Vermont but its a team.

    Good Luck,

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